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Moisture Separators

Moisture Separators

Get Rid of moisture Problem & Save Energy Upto 5 %
The actual pressure drop across After cooler is always high i.e. 0.5 kg/cm2 which means compressor has to compress 0.5 kg/cm2 more to deliver required pressure. This causes increase in Shaft Horse power by 3%. We design customised after coolers for your compressor so that pressure drop is less than 0.1 kg/cm2. This stright way gives saving of 3% and simple pay back on your investment is less than one year.

The Moisture separators supplied by compressor manufacturers are low cost baffle type design. These are ineffective and causes more pressure drops. Moisture gets carried over to Air Dryer or to the plant.

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Moisture Separators
This ultimately results in more power consumption for air dryer plant and more breakdowns of pneumatic tools due to moisture problem and hence more maintenance cost.
Our centrifugal moisture separators are designed for very low pressure drop i.e.120 mm 0 WC (0.01 kg/cm2) and maximum moisture separation due to whirling action which removes up to 90 % of the moisture before air reaches to air dryer or plant.
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