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Heatless Air Dryers - Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer

Heat less dryer works on the principal of absorption. Regenerative air dryers use desiccant media absorbs moisture contaminate from compressed air. The desiccant media can be regenerated by purging air and remove moisture it collect and remove again and again. So the dryness of the compressed air achieved up to atmospheric -40'c dew point. The traditional refrigeration type air dryer does not provide sufficient air quality required for special applications. Guru regeneration heat less dryer contains smooth uniform achieved alumina balls size t\at prevents channeling of compressed air flow, which maintains low bed velocities. This maintains air contact time for efficient moisture removal and minimal pressure drops. Guru have electronic control timer for pneumatically pilot valves are chosen for long life and high air flow. A pre filter, oil removing filter, after filter offering purification to 5 micron can be specified purge loss and pressure drop are kept at a minimum resulting in lower operating costs.
Heatless Air Dryers - Heatless Air Dryer Manufacturer
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Working Principle  
During an operating cycle inlet air directed to pre filter, here moisture and dust particles are removed then air enters to oil removing filter here we remove flooded oil. As wet air flows through the desiccant tower bed the twin tower design of our dryers allows simultaneous compressed air drying and desiccant regenerated without interruption to the compressed air flow. At the end of the drying cycle the regenerated tower is re-pressurized and tower operation is reversed automatically. After tower change over wet inlet air is directed to the regenerated tower and the previously used desiccant is regenerated by the same process. A complete cycle of drying and regeneration is 10 minutes or 6 minutes timing is precisely controlled by Guru electronic timer.
Heatless Dryers
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Easy dry series designed for pharmaceuticals, powder coating, Spray Painting, CNC Machine, CMM Printing Application units etc.,
• 5 cfm to 50 cfm- Easy dry series
• 20cfm to 500cfm - Heatless dryer
Compact design
Pre filter oil removing filter, after filters are standard
Full instrumentation packages
Counter flow drying and regeneration
Low pressure drop less than 3 psi at rated flow
Automatic re-pressurization
Fixed purge orifice
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