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• Latest Technology of aluminum plate type heat exchangers.
• Plate type heat exchangers are compact and light in weight.
• Latest technology of vacuum brazing used on the plate type heat exchangers
• Heat Exchangers put to helium leak test up to 27-bar g.
• Optimum selection of compressor with high COP contributes to power benefits.
• Victaulic couplings provided on the compressed air inlet and outlet connections for easy maintenance.
• Negligible pressure-drop in the refrigeration line; hence utilizing complete rated cooling capacity of the compressor.
• Heat Exchangers easily retrofitted without affecting the refrigeration line.
   Rotolocks at the refrigerant inlet and outlet.
• Refrigeration piping leak tested with electronic detectors ensuring that the leak is of the order of 3 g/year.
• RS 232 port with interface software provided as an optional feature for remote monitoring.
• Capacity: 50 to 10,000 cfm.
• Operating Pressure: 3 to 14 bar g
Compressed Air Dryers Supplier, Dealer For SANPAR Compressed Air Dryer, Pune
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